What is “Integrated Therapeutic Foster Care”?

Integrated Therapeutic Foster Care is a kind of treatment that is designed to treat your child’s behavior symptoms as well as to look at all of the barriers to recovery that your child is facing. We will help you and your child work through the emotional and behavioral struggles you may be facing, and we will also look at other environmental factors that may be in play, including health and overall well-being. Our foster homes are safe places where children can examine the causes of their struggles and deal with them in a structured way.

Your family may face extreme challenges and it may be necessary to place your child in our Integrated Therapeutic Foster Care program. This doesn’t mean you’ve failed – it simply means your child needs more intensive help than you can give on your own. Therapeutic foster care is considered the least restrictive form of out-of-home therapeutic placement for children with severe emotional disorders. Care is delivered in private homes with foster parents who we train. It is often one of the most effective ways to treat severe emotional and behavioral disorders so that your child can return to your home.

Since 1998, Centerstone has been providing safe, supportive and culturally sensitive foster homes that meet the emotional, physical and social needs of our clients. At Centerstone, foster care is viewed as a temporary, stepping-stone solution to help a child reach permanency. Permanency means a child finds their forever home, either by reuniting with their birth families or being prepared for the transition to adult living.

We provide service and support not only to the youth in our program but also to the families that care for them. Support is available in the form of case managers and in-home therapists who are available to support children and foster parents 24/7. All our foster parents receive extensive training, and we provide continuing education for our families.

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