Creating a Legacy – How Tennessee Foster Parents Help Shape the Future

Father carries foster son on his back for a walk

What is a legacy? 

As an adult, something you may have considered is what your legacy will be, especially after you are gone. A legacy is the impact you can have on all the lives you touch, that can help those in your circle of influence make positive choices to benefit themselves and their community. Being a foster parent offers a rich opportunity to create a legacy of love, resilience and hope that transcends time and place. 

Thinking about what your legacy will be… 

Have you ever thought of what kind of legacy you’d like to be remembered for? As a foster parent, there are many types of legacies you can impart to the foster children in your care, including important values such as encouraging a healthy sense of self-worth, setting boundaries, and making good choices in life. Foster kids look to their foster parents for positive living examples and mentorship, especially in difficult circumstances. Being a foster parent allows you to instill strength and resiliency in your foster children, which can help them overcome adversity no matter what challenges they face in life. 

How being a foster parent helps build a big part of your legacy 

Being a foster parent is a special calling and is not an easy undertaking. By stepping up to the plate to help children in need, you answer the call to help but in a way that is uniquely you. At Centerstone, we’re here to help you create a lifelong legacy of caring for kids, with in-depth training and resources to demonstrate you are never alone on your foster parent journey. Nurturing a child’s aspirations and dreams in just one way to have a profound impact on a foster child’s future life as an adult. 

“…I don’t care who’s who’s and what’s what. When you show a person that you love them and you’re concerned about them, it means everything.” Ms. Christine 

Foster kids are putting their future in your hands 

One of the most rewarding ways you can help shape your foster kids’ futures is to teach them skills and a proper mindset for accomplishing goals. By creating a stable environment built on acceptance, love and support, you can help your foster children dream of their future and move past what they may have perceived as immovable limitations. Instead of being overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness, your foster child can begin to take confident steps in creating the life they’d like to have once they are on their own. 

You can help end cycles of negative influences on foster children 

Foster kids all have different origin stories. Some come from economically underprivileged households, and some others may have parents with addiction problems. Still others may have experienced some type of physical, mental or emotional abuse. Whatever the reason, with the loving care and guidance you provide as a foster parent, you can help end the destructive pattern of early negative influences on your foster kids. Teaching children about the power they have to make life-affirming choices can completely alter their future in the best ways possible. 

If you feel the call, we’re here to help you fulfill your mission and secure your legacy 

At Centerstone, we know that the best outcomes for foster children happen when foster parents are provided with the best training, support and resources available. While we can’t determine for you if becoming a foster parent is right for you, we are here to give you all the information necessary for you to make that decision for yourself. So, if you feel in your heart that becoming a foster parent might be right for you, we’re here to answer all your questions. 

Years from now, you can look back with satisfaction on your decision 

Life is short, and sometimes we forget that in our daily routine. But time flies, and the decisions we make today will have a lasting impact on both ourselves and those around us. Deciding to become a foster parent carries with it huge responsibility, as well as huge rewards. Decades from now, you can look back on the difference you made to your foster children, knowing that your legacy of love and leadership is secure. 



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