Three Compelling Reasons to Become a Foster Parent, and One Reason Not To

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First, Let’s Start with the Positives

If you are called to become a foster parent, the rewards are many. To narrow it down a little, we’ve picked three main reasons why you might want to consider becoming a foster parent, and finish with one reason on why fostering might not be the right one for you (at least at this time).

You’ll Make a Powerful & Positive Impact

When you decide to become a foster parent, you create a unique opportunity to make a profound difference to children caught in difficult circumstances. The stability you can offer gives them the time they need to heal from a place of trauma to a place of empowerment. By providing a solid foundation of love, boundaries, and the teaching of life skills, you allow them to break free from negative cycles and build the confidence they need for a future life filled with promise.

You’ll Grow as a Parent & a Human Being

It’s only when we take on challenges that we grow, and there are few challenges more rewarding than that of being a foster parent. You will learn and evolve on your journey, as will your foster children, and many lessons will be ones you experience together.

One factor that can play a significant role in your development as a foster parent is caring for children from diverse backgrounds. With children who are different racially, culturally or who are differently abled, you’ll cultivate patience, empathy, and problem-solving. These experiences can lead to a deeper understanding of yourself and those you care about. And it’s an opportunity to challenge yourself and embrace the transformative power of compassion.

You’ll Form Meaningful Lifetime Relationships

The bonds you form with your foster children can be deeply meaningful and endure for a lifetime. The positive difference you make in their lives isn’t just about the immediate change from a possibly chaotic environment to a stable one. It’s about life lessons and the love you show them, which they can carry with them well into adulthood. These close connections, formed over time, can be a source of joy and inspiration for years to come.

One Reason Foster Parenting Might Not Be Right for You

The main reason we’ll focus on here is that you don’t really have the time or resources to be a foster parent. Your lifestyle may in fact be too hectic at this time for you to take on the responsibilities of an engaged caregiver. And that’s totally okay. Timing is everything. You may have the desire to be a foster parent, but now might not be the time to pursue it. Or you may have a lifestyle that can accommodate short-term or respite placements when you can’t take a full-time placement. If so, we also have a place for you. When the time is right to begin exploring this unique opportunity, you will know. One thing is for certain: the need for responsible and loving foster parents will always be there.

We’re Always Here to Help You

At Centerstone, we understand that undertaking the role of foster parent is not one to be taken lightly. You probably have many questions about whether it’s right for you, the process involved in becoming a foster parent, and the support you’ll receive once you’ve made that commitment. Whatever stage you are at in your evaluation process, we’re here to help. And there are no right or wrong answers in terms of if you feel ready or not. You could be in information gathering mode and that’s perfectly okay. When you’re ready to have a conversation about fostering, we will be here.

To learn more about Centerstone's foster care services, you can explore the process and requirements in either Indiana or Tennessee, as well as visit our FAQ section. If you have further questions or are interested in starting your fostering journey today, please fill out our interest form and we'll be in touch.

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