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These resources are here to provide additional information to individuals and couples who are interested in fostering, as well as parents who are currently fostering.

Resources for potential foster parents

General Resources

Resources for Indiana

Indiana Department of Child’s Services

National Foster Parent Association

National Foster Care Month – Change a Lifetime

IARCA, an Association of Children and Family Services




Resources for Tennessee and Georgia

Health Home Resources
This page contains links to various sites that will assist you in menu planning, health and physical fitness information, nutritional help and other items that promote over all health and well being.

Foster Parent Monthly Paperwork
This page contains links to all paperwork that you need to turn in each month. Links are updated as paperwork changes so please make sure you have the most recent versions.

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ON-Line Learning
Relias (Formerly Essential Learning) and Other Training Info

Access On-Line Training

Re-Evaluation Information
Is your re-evaluation approaching? Please click the link above for information.

Client Handbook (Teens)
This is a booklet designed for orienting new children into the program. Their case manager will go over it with them upon admission.

Young Clients – Orientation Coloring Book
This is a booklet designed for orienting YOUNG CHILDREN who can not yet read. Their case manager will go over it with them upon admission.

Online Resources


Teresa and Gary – A Centerstone Success Story

Resources for current foster parents

Events calendar

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